Didn't you read the sign?...

Probably not.

Welcome to the new era of sign avoidance. Even though they're actually pretty hard to miss, a lot of essential and very informative  visual messages are being ignore for a variety of reasons. One thing is certain; people will never look at your displays the same way ever again.

Digital Signage definitely enhances your odds of getting noticed, but it isn't enough. Even the most impressive, elaborate and conspicuous can go entirely unnoticed. Yours is probably one of them.

The Creative Challenge

Your job as a signage professional just got a whole lot harder. Coming up with fresh content for your displays isn't nearly as tough as concocting innovative ways to lure attention to them. But if your creative strategy includes just adding more signs or switching to colossal displays, you might as well just hold onto your old dry-erase board. Or, you could contact us for an entirely new way of looking at signage.

All Signs Point Here

As an Authorized BrightSign Partner, we specialize in highly effective display solutions that generate curiosity, command attention, and deliver the message payload in a matter of seconds. In the end, the display that wins the viewer's attention within those few precious seconds gets the prize. Do your signs have that kind of muscle?

Smarter Signs

Where there are people, there's motion; two assets that will always be present in the vicinity of your BrightSign display. Why not take advantage of this unique opportunity?

When you add our exclusive motion sensor technology to your new or existing BrightSigns, your displays instantly achieve what others can't; the unique ability to recognize viewer traffic and not depend on being recognized. Just imagine how effective your signs could be if they could break the ice with people before they get a chance to slip away! Without the need to push buttons, users have a more comfortable and natural interactive experience with your displays which keeps your audience engaged significantly longer. The potential is huge and the possibilities are endless.

Brighter Signs

Converting to solar power will certainly help protect our environment. But let's face it; it's really not about going green, it's about saving green. So while sunlight is still free, it makes a lot of sense to energize your new or existing outdoor signage with a cost saving solar-powered display system

Switching to solar power is pretty straightforward and usually doesn't involve the usual hassle associated with a conventional powered sign. Plus, no costly power supply wiring means faster installations with significantly less maintenance. Nothing feels better than cutting the cord on a high electric bill except for the sunshine itself.

Bigger Signs

Ok, in some cases, size does matter. That being said, somewhere out there is a huge empty wall just begging for a splash of something. Why waste the precious wall-estate on an "Employee of the Month" plaque when you could be proudly flying the company logo on a twenty by sixty foot digital canvas for all to admire? Nothing says you mean business like a sign that can be seen from outer space. So to satisfy the larger than life corporate appetite for attention, we give you Bright Wall; a fully turnkey, custom designed video wall display system built on BrightSign 4K technology. It's very impressive and looks really cool in a lobby.

Signs are everywhere...

...Make yours matter the most.




BrightAuthor Tutorials


Redefine Intuitive

Learn how to create powerful motion-driven BrightAuthor presentations using commands that respond to MD755 triggers. You'll find a collection of very popular how-to videos such as adjusting audio levels, conditional motion triggering, and much more. Very intuitive stuff. Watch Tutorials


BrightSign Controllers

Redefine Visual Messaging

PC-class performance with none of the PC hassles. BrightSign solid-state players assure extreme reliability while delivering the price and performance for any type of installation.


Motion Sensors for BrightSign®

Redefine Interactive

The MD755 family of motion sensors let you add genuine hand-free interactivity to any new or existing BrightSign displays. Read the brochure...


Custom Solar Signs

Redefine Cordless

Cut the cord on soaring electrical costs with an attractive outdoor PV powered LED sign or BrightSign display. Designed and fabricated to your exact specifications. Just add sun. More


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Technical Drawings

MD755-STD - standard case.
MD755-FLG - flanged case
MD755-PCB - panel mounting details
Cabling and Connectors
Hole template for MD77-PCB
Coverage versus Distance

User Guides

MD755 User Guide*
MD755 Mounting Examples
MD755 Application Examples
Quick-start Guide

*Look for new version 5/1/15


BrightAuthor User Guide v4.1


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